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Why it's important to eat while you ride, even when you want to lose weight

Why weight-loss SHOULD NOT take over your life

How to balance having energy to ride & losing weight

Whether you should train off the bike as well as on

How protein is important to losing weight & how much you should eat

Ways to improve your lose even more weight

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About the Guide

This 30 page guide teaches you 15 mistakes that mountain bikers very often make when trying to lose weight. They often cause efforts to fail or for riders to yo-yo between gaining and losing weight.

You will learn all about nutrition, training, mindset and tons more. All specific to mountain bikers. All totally free.

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Matt Mooney - Owner of MTB Fitness

Matt is the owner of MTB Fitness. With over 700,000 followers on social media and 20,000+ customers all over the world, Matt is on a mission to help your everyday rider get fitter, faster and stronger so they can enjoy riding even more!